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Jun 2022: Evidence establishes the defendent's distraction behind the wheel led to the collision with the deceased.
$1,850,000 Settlement
Wrongful Death, Motorcycle Accident
Jan 2020: A man waiting in front of his place of employment for work shift to begin was struck by drunk driver.
$2,275,000 Settlement
Personal Injury
Sep 2019: Tugboat loaded with oyster shells ran over pleasure boat, resulting in the pleasure boat owner’s death.
$1 Million Settlement
Wrongful Death
Jan 2018: Man hurt in multiple car accident involving a tractor-trailer.
$947,000 Settlement
Automobile Accident
Mar 2017: Woman hit after stopping for tanker blocking road.
$225,000 Settlement
Automobile Accident
Feb 2016: Client was rear-ended by a tow truck, causing mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that resulted in permanent problems.
$800,000 Settlement
Personal Injury
Sep 2015: Defendant’s failure to yield caused plaintiff to run off road.
$175,000 Settlement
Personal Injury
Aug 2014: Injured longshoreman settles after complex decision actions.
$3.5 Million Settlement
Boating Accident