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Man Hurt In Multi-Car Wreck With Tractor-Trailer

Type of action: Auto Accident
Date resolved: Jan. 12, 2018
Special damages: Approximately $230,000 in medicals and loss of wages
Demand: $2,000,000
Offer: Policy Limits
Verdict or settlement: Settlement
Amount: $947,000
Attorneys for plaintiff: George T. Albiston, Norfolk
Plaintiff’s experts: Dr. Sheldon Cohn
Insurance carrier: Atlantic Casualty

Plaintiff was injured in a multiple car accident involving a tractor-trailer truck on May 24, 2017, in Wayne County, North Carolina. His vehicle was struck diagonally and knocked off the roadway. Plaintiff suffered a comminuted fracture of his femur, requiring open reduction and internal fixation. Additionally, plaintiff suffered multiple broken ribs and fractures in his hand. He was taken to Wake Med in Raleigh, where he underwent surgery. After his hospital stay, he was returned to Tidewater to an in-patient rehab facility for physical therapy and gait training. Upon release, he sought care from Dr. Sheldon Cohn, an orthopedic surgeon in the Tidewater area. He underwent therapy for his leg, hand and wrist. He made significant progress in the return of the majority of his function. Defendant, a tractor-trailer owner, was a small individually held carrier with a single-limit $1 million policy. Demand was made for the policy, and the policy was tendered after negotiation.