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Corey Lewis V. Samual Overstreet

Type of Action: Personal injury, motorcycle, auto accident
Injuries Alleged: Fractured clavicle, broken wrist and thumb, injuries to back and hip
Name of Case: Corey Lewis v. Samual Overstreet
Court: Chesapeake Circuit Court
Case No.: L08-1197
Date: Oct. 21, 2008
Verdict/Settlement: Settlement
Amount: $225,000
Special Damages: $57,000
Insurer: AIG and Liberty Mutual
Plaintiff’s Attorney: George Albiston, Norfolk

Plaintiff was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by the defendant and knocked from the motorcycle. He suffered a fractured clavicle, wrist and thumb.

After extensive care, he made a good recovery from most of his injuries. He was left with some limitation of flexion in his wrist and some restricted motion in his thumb.

Total coverage was $250,000 with the liability carrier, AIG, having $25,000 and the underinsured motorist carrier, Liberty Mutual, having $250,000. Experts differed on the nature and extent of the restriction in motion and permanence of any injury.