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Couple Dies Of Carbon-Monoxide Poisoning From Faulty Repair Work

Type of action: Premises liability – carbon monoxide poisoning
Injuries alleged: Death
Resolved by: Mediation
Mediator: Thomas Shadrick
Date: April 19, 2013
Verdict or settlement: Settlement
Amount: $2,500,000
Attorneys for plaintiff: O.L. “Buzz” Gilbert, Norfolk; Richard J. Serpe, Norfolk
Attorney for defendant: Mary Morgan, Portsmouth

Plaintiff’s decedents, a husband and wife in their late 60s, died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The couple was discovered dead in their rental apartment. The apartment contained extreme levels of carbon monoxide, which after an extensive investigation, was found to be caused by faulty repair work performed on the roof and on lines to the gas water heater.

Decedents were survived by four grown children.